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What Listeners Say

Response to “36 Seconds That Changed Everything” has been very gratifying. Here are a few examples:

Listen to the latest episode of @ParallelPods! @shelly did a great job of both informing listeners about why tech accessibility matters and how the iPhone changed everything for users with accessibility needs. Plus, her audio production is πŸ’―: β€” Aleen πŸš€ (@Aleen) June 21, 2019

@shelly I just listened to the documentary. Well., just finished it after sharing the link. Nice work! β€” Dianna (@DiannaMuircast) June 22, 2019

That was excellent, thank you for producing this documentary. β€” Don Shaw (@DonShaw14) June 21, 2019

I’m excited to announce the release of β€œ36 Seconds That Changed Everything,” my audio documentary comemorating the day the iPhone became accessible. June 19, 2009. Listen now at #ios #apple #iphone #voiceover β€” Shelly Brisbin (@shelly) June 19, 2019

Fantastic audio program by @shelly about how accessibility came to the iPhone and later the iPad a must listen! #a11y β€” David Ward (@certdoctor) June 25, 2019

Just listened to 36 Seconds, an audio documentary about iOS accessibility by @shelly. Fantastic insight into how important assistive technologies are and how they enable people to do amazing things. β€” Steven Sommer (@stevensommer) June 21, 2019

This topic is close to my heart. Thank you @shelly for giving it life! β€” Indrani Solomon (@indrani_solomon) June 23, 2019

I really hope @shelly's audio documentary finds its way to @tim_cook, @pschiller, and others at Apple. Tech accessibility is so important, and the iPhone revolutionized its adoption. β€” Aleen πŸš€ (@Aleen) June 21, 2019

Fantastic audio documentary by @shelly on the rise and importance of iPhone accessibility: β€” Marco Arment (@marcoarment) June 21, 2019

Very well done, also includes a transcript β€” Lauren🌈 (@ohthat_lauren) June 20, 2019

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